For all you budding architects and engineers....... Try this isometric drawing tool. 

Isometric drawing tool

I noticed today correcting your mental maths that you've ALL forgotten how to add fractions!! Get back up to speed here.... Don't forget our adding fractions song too. 

Adding fractions

Congratulations Niall and Grace!! Who will be our next gaelgoir an seachtaine and tables mastermind??? Happy weekend :)

Here's some great new games to keep practicing your multiplication tables:

We’ll (contraction we + will) be saying goodbye to fractions for 2012 at Halloween. I know they were tricky at first but I’m very happy with how you’ve all done. Now you should be able to:
·       Simplify fractions
·       Add/Subtract fractions
·       Know if a fraction is a mixed number, an improper fraction or an ordinary fraction.
·       Compare fractions using the >, <, = sign

Here are some games to KEEP ON PRACTICING because it’s very easy to forget!

Don’t forget our fraction rhyme too…..
"If adding or subtracting is your aim,
The bottom numbers must be the same!
"To change the bottom we multiply or divide,
But the same to top must be applied,
"And don't forget to simplify,
Before its time to say good bye"
A very interesting video with some more details about the journey of a banana to our supermarkets!! Did you know bananas are the most popular fruit in Ireland? The plantation shown in the video is the size of 324 football pitches!!!!! Wow that's (that is - contraction, the apostrophe tells us the letter i is left out :) MASSIVE!!  Here are two good links to find info for your projects too.


Here's a great video too if you are still unsure about what Fair trade is :) 

Éist leis an t-amhrán seo cailliní agus buachaiilí, nach bhfuil sé greannmhar!! Seo díobh na focail. Bain sult astu :)

Sa thobair d'imigh mo mhian
Ná bac liom tá sé faoi rún,
Tabhairfidh inniu an deis duinn
Chun muid a chur ar strae

Níl anam ionam ar bith
Is chugat 'tá mé ag rith
Mothaím go bhfuil mé ag croith,
Mar táim ag dul ar strae

A shúile gorm, thú ag breathnú orm, oíche fada romham, ca bhfuil tú ag dul a stórín?
Hey, bhuail me leatsa
Cracáilte b'fheidir
Ach seo mo huimnhir
So ghlaoigh orm b'fheidir?
Sé deacair ort a bhreathnú Baeibí 
Ach seo mo huimhir 
So ghlaoigh orm b'fheidir?

Hey, bhuail me leatsa
Cracáilte b'fhéidir
Ach seo mo huimnhir
So ghlaoigh orm b'fhéidir?
Chuile leaid óg
á mo leanúint
Ach seo mo huimhir
So ghlaoigh orm b'fheidir?

Well done Patryk and Adam you figured out how many triangles there were!! It was VERY tricky.

It’s maths week this week so we have another brainteaser to challenge the Smarties. I have a feeling everyone will figure this one out J Good Luck.